panoramic view of the Mondolegro farmhouse in Valmalenco

Welcome to Mondolegro Agritourism

Relax and regenerate in a mountain cottage among meadows, animals and silence?
With us it is possible to stay overnight in a beautiful stone house in the hamlet of Musci (Sondrio)

The house is positioned in the hamlet of Musci, just above the municipality of Torre di Santa Maria in Valmalenco, in the province of Sondrio, Valtellina. The hamlet consists of a group of houses built out of stone and dating back to the 12th Century, with a small church at their centre. You will find it at the foot of the Alps, at 1,000 metres above sea level. Once there was also a school and a town hall here, but in the 1970s the district depopulated. Now only a few people live here all year round. During the holiday season the hamlet repopulates.

In the lower part of the house there is a water well and a cellar with a vaulted stone ceiling which, up until the late 70s, was used for keeping milk cool in large copper bowls. The upper part of the house, where you can now stay, was used as a dwelling. It has recently been renovated and furnished with all modern comforts.

Musci is as an excellent base and starting out point for various excursions, in summer and also in winter. You can set off directly by foot from the house and go on many different walks.
In the town just below there are various food shops, two bars and a pizzeria. In just 20 minutes by car you can reach Sondrio, the heart of Valtellina.

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agritourism mondolegro - view from the terrace
agritourism mondolegro - entrance view
agritourism mondolegro - bedroom
agritourism mondolegro - toilet
agritourism mondolegro - Kitchen
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agritourism mondolegro - play in the meadows
agritourism mondolegro - dining room